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AquaTint Zubehör

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AquaTint Accessories

AquaTint can be used in many different ways: with a brush, pipette dropper, spatula, spray bottle, refill brush, dot markers, washcrumbs, straw blowing, etc. By combining the accessories below, you have even more fun with the AquaTint products.

AquaTint Spray bottle

Fill the bottle with AquaTint and spray for example on templates or objects for funny surprising effects.

AquaTint Filter Paper

The filter paper can be moistened in advance, making the AquaTint even more fluid.

With a pipette, let the AquaTint gently drop on the filter paper.

Collall Spattering frame

A solid red spattering screen for use with a toothbrush.

Dip the toothbrush into the AquaTint and brush it back and forth on the screen.

The holes in the spattering screen provide a nice spattering distribution of the AquaTint.

Collall Refill Brush (Refillable Brush)

This handy paint brush can be filled with AquaTint. Also to be used as a water paint brush.

Collall Pipet

Pipette for precisely dosing AquaTint from the bottles. This keeps the AquaTint clean from dirt. Can also be used for dripping paint on (filter) paper or onto other materials.

AquaTint Brushes

Wooden paint brushes with a white coating, available in sizes no 2 to 12. The paint brushes have a very soft pony hair tip. Can be used for fluid paints such as AquaTint and Colorall Indian Ink. There are lots of techniques with AquaTint, download here the flyer.

AquaTint Liquid watercolor

AquaTint is a highly concentrated liquid watercolor with high-quality dyes. Gives color to paper, filter paper, tissue paper, cardboard (egg boxes), wood, and other absorbent materials (wool balls / discs).

Art.Nr. EAN Kartoninhalt Kartons pro Schicht Volle Palette
Collall Sprühflasche
100 ml 20,5 g
Collall Spritzsieb,
Rot Metall
1 24
Collall Spritzsieb + Bürste
1 + 1 12 + 12
Collall Pipette,
weicher Kunststoff
3 ml 25
Collall Bürste Nachfüllbar
66 g/ 15 ml 6
Collall Bürste Nachfüllbar + Pipette
6 + 6
Netto inhalt
Kartoninhalt Kartoninhalt
Kartons pro Schicht Kartons pro Schicht
Volle Palette Volle Palette
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