Manufacturer of: adhesives, paints, inks, hobby and school products

A creative and innovative company

Collall BV is a creative and innovative company that manufactures glues, paints, inks and fixatives for consumer use. Its production site is located in Stadskanaal (East Groningen).

Collall BV has a modern laboratory, used by its innovation team to constantly develop and test new products. Approximately 20 people are employed in Stadskanaal. 

Collall BV supplies products worldwide. 45% of its turnover comes from orders in the Netherlands, 53 % from the EU and 3% outside of the EU. 

Collall BV focuses on the following target groups:
- Education sector (schools, child day care facilities, etc.)
- Hobbyists, from kids to adults
- Semi-professional sector (book binders, artists, application firms)

The products are delivered mainly to wholesalers (and later retailers) who ultimately supply the target groups.

The production

Mixing paint

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